How Running Taught Me To Stay In My Lane


When I first started running through the streets of NYC as a beginning “distance runner”, I was intimidated. I mean INTIMIDATED. Here I was, attempting to run alongside people who made running look effortless. Soooo unlike myself, whose face consistently showed my desperation to stop and never run again. They were decked out in either Nike’s latest running gear or their infamous run club’s attire while discussing crushing PRs (personal records). When I ran by myself through my neighborhood, I was in my zone. My music was turned up, I breezed past the blocks like I was chasing the ice cream man and I felt like a “real runner”. But when I joined the group runs, I was back to feeling like I didn’t belong.  Read More

Cheering For Your Homegirl



Taraji taught me how to cheer for my fellow sister. 

I was proud of her. I honestly and truly was proud of her promotion. She worked hard for the last 8 months for that promotion and I wanted to cheer her on and congratulate her. But I was in my feelings, busy looking at myself and wondering why I wasn’t flourishing like her. I made up a lame excuse for why I couldn’t make it to her celebration dinner with the promise that I would make it up. I wanted to give her all my love and support but I was standing still. I didn’t have any accomplishment to celebrate or fresh news to discuss. I was in the same spot I was in when she started her quest for a promotion and now we were on two different levels. It wasn’t her fault but I didn’t show up for her and it wasn’t fair. I needed to check myself because no one wants the jealous, hating friend that can’t celebrate her friend’s wins.  Read More

Lessons Learned From Cardi B


Let me go ahead and say this now: I am a Cardi B stan.

I learned about Cardi B when I was late-night scrolling through Instagram in search of something to aid my insomnia. I spotted a video of a woman with long nails and orange hair and I ended up watching every single one of her videos. I learned that I was late to the game when it came to Cardi. She was quickly growing as an Instagram personality who made videos joking about the strip club or telling off people that wasted their time leaving negative comments on her pictures and videos. She didn’t care about sounding politically correct or whether you liked her thick Bronx accent. She just liked making people laugh while being her regular, authentic self. Since discovering Cardi, I have picked up three lessons from her and her rise to fame.

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I’m Still Not Tired Of Seeing Black Women Win



| Melanin Girl Gang | Issa Rae, Aja Naomi King, Yara Shahidi & Janelle Monae

(Auntie in my head) Viola Davis is one of my favorite actresses. I adore how she gives familiarity to every character she plays. I wanted to be her in How To Get Away With Murder, I despised her in Suicide Squad and I cried with her in The Help. She is amazing and greatly humbled in her position in Hollywood. She effortlessly juggles between using her platform to defend and support the arts and encourage people of color to strive in the face of doubt. This year she became the first black actor/actress to earn an Emmy, Tony, and Oscar and she is the most nominated black actress in history. On top of that, she strolled over to Harvard University to accept their artist of the year award. Can’t stop, won’t stop. While this may seem like I’m having a fangirl moment for her (I definitely am), I wanted to bring attention to the fact that black women are winning right now. In a MAJOR way.


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Dinner & Art Tour: Atlanta

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Norman Wilfred Lewis | Untitled (Barker and Crowd or Torch), 1960

So guess who got food poisoning the day before she was supposed to leave for New Orleans? Yes, it was me. I wanted to visit New Orleans and the New Orleans Museum of Art but there was no way I was going to travel when I was running to the bathroom every 10-15 minutes to puke. So I decided to cancel my trip and visit a museum in my own backyard. This time my boyfriend joined me and we visited the museum I had been itching to visit.  Read More

Dinner & Art Tour: Miami

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Entrance to the PAMM & Verde Restaurant

*This past November. I was thinking about my year (2016) and the exciting things I wanted to do in 2017. One of the reasons why I ADORED Europe is because I was constantly stumbling onto museums and street art. I decided to carry over my increasing love for art and I decided to start a museum tour. Since I also love eating, I decided to only visit museums with a restaurant. Travel+Art+Food=Nik in heaven. Every month in 2017 (Jan-Dec), I will be visiting a different city and a different museum. I started my Dinner and Art Tour with a city I’ve never been to for ridiculous reasons… Read More