Women Are Powerful

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It wasn’t until I was a 27-year old that I fell in love with being a woman. It was then that I saw strength in our femininity, beauty in our vulnerability and the future in our voices. I was surrounded by women that were beautiful, smart, driven, creative, funny, witty etc. and they were inspiring. I spent most of my twenties tapping into a masculine side that wasn’t very authentic to who I was. I thought “masculine” equaled strength. I didn’t understand how strong women were. But when I stopped and looked at the women I was surrounded by or “my TRIBE” and realized how much I adored them, I started looking at myself a little different. I was one of them. I was soft like them. I was strong like them. I was vulnerable like them. I was dynamic like them. “I should be proud to be a woman” is how I felt that day and that’s how I felt on January 21st.


Women are badasses.


Women got together and STORMED the streets of DC, LA, Atlanta, New York, Chicago etc. They made their voices heard through their words and their signs. Those marches looked like and felt like big, warm hugs from women all across the nation. Women are fed up. Our rights are being threatened and treated like political game pieces. Men who have NEVER had a vagina are trying to control ours. That is a problem. A huge problem. That affects all of us regardless of race, age, and sexuality. But we can’t act like a portion of those women marching didn’t vote for the very person they were now protesting against. That speaks about not just a divide in our country but a divide among women. They voted for a man who supports sexist rhetoric and policies. Now that same man is our President and has no intentions of protecting the rights of those same women. Hopefully, this march/movement changes some minds and incite change in the right direction.

Women are the bomb and we are AMAZING when we work together. No more standing up for some, we have to stand up for ALL. To every woman around the world, I love you girl!

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