Dinner & Art Tour: Miami

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Entrance to the PAMM & Verde Restaurant

*This past November. I was thinking about my year (2016) and the exciting things I wanted to do in 2017. One of the reasons why I ADORED Europe is because I was constantly stumbling onto museums and street art. I decided to carry over my increasing love for art and I decided to start a museum tour. Since I also love eating, I decided to only visit museums with a restaurant. Travel+Art+Food=Nik in heaven. Every month in 2017 (Jan-Dec), I will be visiting a different city and a different museum. I started my Dinner and Art Tour with a city I’ve never been to for ridiculous reasons…

JAN ’17 

City: Miami. Florida

Museum: Perez Art Museum Miami

Restaurant: Verde Restaurant

Like I said previously, this was my first time visiting Miami. I had visited the other cities in Florida including Orlando, St. Petersburg, Jacksonville, etc. but I had no real intentions to visit Miami. Why? I always envisioned it to be a daily Spring Break experience and truth be told, that has never been my scene even when I was a Spring Breaker. But after being busy (I launched an online store and social brand!) for the last couple of weeks, I welcomed the opportunity to hit a beach (funny story about that*) and relax. Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) popped up as the popular museum in Miami and the place to go when searching for art outside of Art Basel. That was enough for me to get on a plane and head to Miami.


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John McLaughlin | Untitled #8 1970

After paying for the admission and convincing the security guard that I am definitely not a teenager (he asked if I was with a school group that was visiting), I stumbled onto the piece above. As soon as I saw it, I thought of the word blackness. Mind you I was listening to A Seat At The Table but that is beside the point. Strong and defiant blackness. I’m pretty sure that isn’t what the artist was going for but art is all about interpretation.

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Matthew Ronay | When Two Are In One


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Table for One

I had been looking at the menu for Verde Restuarant for the last month. I knew what I wanted before I arrived and I wanted it right then. I heard about the outdoor seating that gives you a beautiful view but the rain was really trying it. Still, the view was something to enjoy while inside. I appreciated my waiter for not judging me when I ordered the carbonara pizza AND fries. If I could eat fries with everything, I would and I don’t feel bad about that. The pizza was obviously made for two people which meant I didn’t need the fries I just had to have. The pizza was thin crusted with pancetta, scallions and a baked egg and IT WAS SO GOOD.

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Carbonara Pizza

Overall Perez Art Museum Miami was a great start to my “museum tour”. If you would like to visit or donate to the museum, you should check out their site.  Bring on the dinner and the art!


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The view from the museum


*side note: I planned on enjoying some time laying on the beach but there were too many birds flying past me. I am NOT a fan of birds, thanks to the movie, The Birds. I couldn’t read my book, check my phone or relax without side-eyeing a bird that was way too close. It ended up being a 6-minute beach trip.




  1. ♡ (@ChymereA) · March 20

    I really love these dinner + art segments! It’s brilliant and makes me want to get out more. And I really don’t know why I’ve been so absent from your blog, but I’m catching up!!

    • Nik · March 21

      LOL two of my favorite things to do (eat and look at art). Thanks for reading!!

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