Dinner & Art Tour: Atlanta

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Norman Wilfred Lewis | Untitled (Barker and Crowd or Torch), 1960

So guess who got food poisoning the day before she was supposed to leave for New Orleans? Yes, it was me. I wanted to visit New Orleans and the New Orleans Museum of Art but there was no way I was going to travel when I was running to the bathroom every 10-15 minutes to puke. So I decided to cancel my trip and visit a museum in my own backyard. This time my boyfriend joined me and we visited the museum I had been itching to visit. 

FEB ’17

City: Atlanta, GA 

Museum: High Museum

Restaurant: Twelve Eighty

Don’t go to the High Museum if you have a hangover. I didn’t have a hangover but I was getting over having food poisoning and those winding stairs can be a lot. Actually it’s my own fault that I didn’t notice any elevators until I was on the top floor so forget I said anything. Visit the High Museum with or without a hangover. Definitely take those winding stairs (or the elevator) to explore the different levels and DEFINITELY stop by the contemporary art level. That’s probably where you’d find me admiring pieces like this Thornton Dial painting.


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Thornton Dial | Green Pastures: The Birds That Didn’t Learn To Fly, 2008

The black paint rags represent blackbirds. The blackbirds represent black people during Jim Crow. If you look closely, you will notice that the blackbirds aren’t sitting on top of the line per usual, they are actually hanging from the line. This painting spoke about Jim Crow and the dangerous disadvantage blacks in the South experienced including lynching. This painting took my breath away AND blew my mind at the same time! I am on a lifetime search for art that moves me and/or causes me to feel something. Other paintings that connected with me:

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Phillip Guston | Untitled, 1973


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Adolph Gottlieb | Duet, 1962


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Sam Gillam | Firefly Blacktop, 1977


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BF: Woodruff Burger w| hand-cut fries | ME: Maple Bourbon Salmon 

Appetizer, entrée, dessert and wine. That’s not normal for me as I have the appetite of a small hamster ( I assume they don’t eat that much). But I made a promise that I would start to indulge when it came to my museum restaurant visits. I definitely made good on that promise. I started with a caesar salad that was clearly for two people followed by an entrée that contained my favorite dish: salmon. Maple bourbon salmon on top of a sweet potato, spinach, pancetta hash and topped with thin onion “rings”…yeah I was in love and it had nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. Then I ended my dinner with creme brulee* topped with strawberries and blueberries. I honestly feel bad for my boyfriend who played it safe with a burger. He doesn’t know what he missed but I have no problem informing him about my glorious dinner over and over. Side note: Rose wine goes with everything. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.


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Creme Brulee

Even though I refuse to give my food poisoning any positive recognition, I am glad I had a reason to visit the High Museum. Discovering and rediscovering places that include arts in my city is a fun pastime of mine. You can donate to the museum or plan your visit (FREE on 2nd Sunday) over on their site.

Bring on the dinner and art!

*Side note: I have to admit something. I only discovered creme brulee last January when I went to dinner with my host in Copenhagen. I had NO idea that amazing and glorious dessert existed and now I have to order it whenever I see it on a menu. It only took me 29 years to finally eat dessert.






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