Florals In The Spring, Groundbreaking.

Life, Style


I’m just a regular girl that likes putting on clothes and taking pictures.


You know what I love besides my city finally deciding what season it wants to embrace (I’m looking at you Atlanta)? Walking around in an outfit that cost me less than $12 like the outfit above. That $12 includes the shirt, pants and shoes (the jewelry and lace wig are mine). How? How Sway? This is the result of a good thrifting day. I’m obsessed with the leopard slides because they are both comfy and my favorite print. I mixed them with the florals to add some “pop” and fun to a dark outfit. The hat is also mine from my apparel collection (It was a Fall/Winter limited piece) which I honestly wear every day in some form or fashion. Dad hats were obviously made for me.



Photos by Calvin Finklea

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