Thank You For Speaking Out



Men are finally getting called out for being sexual abusers…woooooooow. 

When the allegations started coming out about Harvey Weinstein and the Me Too dialogue began, I tried to back away from all conversations about sexual assault. It was both draining and infuriating at the same time. I was angry and sad. Uma Thurman’s reaction during her interview was all me. It was like a wound being reopened and having lemon juice squeezed into it.

Yeah, I have a #MeToo story too. 

But I’m not talking about my story. I have and will continue to do so but not today. My mind is focused on the stories of everyone else. The stories from the housewives and the corporate women. Stories from the rich and the lower class. Stories from black, white, Asian, Hispanic, etc. women. Stories from the wholesome women and the sexually liberated. Stories from those that were covered up to make sure they didn’t entice men. Stories of the friends, coworkers, teachers, pastors, family members, exes turned monsters. Stories of seeking justice even through doubt and blame. Stories of sad, depressed and empty periods. Stories of strength, bravery and the daily fight to be okay. Stories that desire to be told but are shut out.

Those stories that remind me that I’m not alone and while that is extremely sad, it allows me to see women that said “F- letting him steal my power!”. In a time where being silent is no longer the norm, it’s liberating. It’s powerful. ITS WOMEN TAKING BACK THEIR POWER! Drown in that irony.

Thank you for telling your stories. Thank you for pointing the finger at your abuser and other scum. Thank you for being brave. Not all heroes wear capes.

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