Promises To My 30s

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My first six months of my thirties seriously flew past me. Don’t get me wrong, I felt it go past me. Ever since the day I entered the “No Longer Twenty Something Club”, I have been hit with signs that I am older left and right. I like being at home…a lot. Cancelled plans are my favorite plans especially when I’m “working on” something at home. My tolerance for bs is so low that’s its non-existent. I’m thinking about my future more as something that is a reality vs. something that I will eventually get to (my twenties’ mindset). My purpose in life is constantly on my mind. Drama is something I am actively avoiding. I don’t even watch Love and Hip Hop anymore, that’s how much I’m actively avoiding drama. I started to fall in love with other black female writers who have inspired an amazing chapter of writing for me. Overall, things are changing y’all.

Something else changing is my relationship with myself. I have fallen in love with the woman I am right in this moment. I’m more protective of myself. I’m more aware of my thoughts and their effect on me. I’m more observant especially of the people around me.

I’m loving on myself. I’m making promises to my 30s to become a better woman in this new decade.

1. Love freely and wholeheartedly but guard your heart from those who don’t see your worth.

2. Stretch, bend, break and grow. It’s necessary.

3. Bury the past. It’s not fair to carry that through the life that is a blessing away from that old life.

4. Create memories with family and loved ones. Slow down to appreciate those that raised you and loved you.

5. Write because it scares you and because it’s makes you feel free and powerful.

6. Set boundaries and respect them.

7. Walk with God. It’s necessary.

Here’s to another six months in my 30s!

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