Past The Face Masks…

Life, Self Care

“Those face masks help your spirit?”

My Aunt had knocked me off my feet and didn’t even know it. We were discussing self care and of course the conversation of face masks and baths came up. While my cousin and I shared our favorite sheet and peel off masks, our aunt came through with the swift kick to the chest. She knew the answer to that question and so did we: no, no they don’t.

While the face masks, hot epsom salt baths and foot massages are needed and will always remain on my faves list, what are they doing to ‘care’ for my spirit? My spirit affects my emotions, thoughts, words and actions. If I neglect it, am I really on my self care game?

After my aunt’s quick read, I started looking into other self care practices that dove deeper and stuck around long after I threw my sheet masks away. I added devotionals to my daily routine, morning meditation and I started talking to my mom about life more frequently. (Older people have all the information). I have also set up therapy sessions to talk my way through the fog. I’m determined to master this self care thing from the inside out.

What self care practices get your spirit together?

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