Getting Back To Happy

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I have to be honest. It is SO EASY to be an angry and sad woman. Being happy? That takes work. 

Someone who will remain forever nameless told me in defense of his wrongdoing, “You can let go of everything that is causing you to be sad and get back to your happy”. While he was trying to explain that me being unhappy about his actions was somehow my fault, he dropped a gem. Even after heartache, loss, etc, I can decide whether I’m going to be happy. Normally I picked sad/unhappy. Why? Happiness is a choice and that choice required work that I wasn’t willing do. Especially when I had “excuses” not to. 

It was easier for me to sit in my pool of regrets, heartache, loss, bitterness etc. It was easier to be against forgiving those who hurt me than to lose someone I played the blame game with. I can admit that. After a while, getting back to happy seems far fetch and just too much work. Who wants to process the issues, actually push through AND past them and forgive in order to move on? WORK. 

But the reality is, you are either going to remain unhappy or MAKE THE CHOICE to be happy. Choosing the former is definitely the easier choice, I have to agree with that. But it has no life and no growth for you to strive and benefit from it. Making the choice means doing whatever gets you back your happy. Whatever makes you smile again, makes you find joy in your life and makes you move on from a past that still trying to hold on to you. It is definitely work but maybe we can stand to lose some bitterness, anger, sadness off us, right?

So what you choosing girl?

*Let me be clear when I say this, I am aware that there is a difference being sad temporarily and being depressed. I am also aware that depression is a beast to conquer and it isn’t something someone chooses to be. I’m clearly not referring to those who are depressed. Definitely sending plenty of positive thoughts and prayers their way though.

One thought on “Getting Back To Happy

  1. Happy birthday kid! You are getting so old… Gemini season was rough this year… I hope u enjoy your day…

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